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  1. Deep Garden brings to you the “Magnesium” by Hodson.
    This release is not your average, post-midnight floor filler but more of a compilation of different flavours to compliment your pallets needs.

    The final version of the DGRS004 release upcoming January 27th of next year is up on the DGR soundcloud 

    You can also check it on the official website http://deepgarden.clubgmusic.com/ and also watch out for it’s inauguration onto sites such as Beatport, Amazon, Spotify, Tid, iTunes and many more soon


    Basically I’ve got bigger things to think about within my new project and don’t want to do this anymore half heartedly. I’ve kinda just lost interest in the whole game and want to produce some ethereal, original mainstream EDM vibes

    I’ll still be around for it people need tunes writing or people want to collab or want me to play gigs but nothing big, in any area. Just usual, standard procedure

    Thanks everyone for the support since 2010, the year I changed my moniker to this current name

    Peace & big up

  3. Inspiration taken directly from Sabrepulse’s ‘Close To Me’ single release, but with the tools granted to me from NI Massive and a bucket load of new abstract 8-Bit vst’s added to the collection, the decision to do a butchered remix (in my opinion) of Florence’s mad no. 1 hit was needlessly inevitable.

    I re-aquired this track from some chill dude on last.fm a few years ago now who just happened to have been the first to download it the moment it was first released through 8bc or MySpace or whatever it was at the time.

    This is early production days when it came to actual commercial music, which interestingly is what I’ve been concentrating on for about the past 5 months now, with the decision to put @skin-walker on hiatus for a while until I got my motivation back for chiptune writing again.

    My new (well, May) project is here @thatmanckid or you can follow through some of the links below:

    All rights reserved to ginger locks and the boys obviously

  5. Gonna give it a bloody good go this time and try and promote the album proper

    Keep the chains ya filthy animal


  7. I know most of the people who’ve checked out my new tunes and listened to the new album on noisechannel.org won’t see this as I’ve been dead dorment past few weeks/months/years whatever but I just want to say a big, big thank you to everyone for getting me a 1000 plays in 1 day on SoundCloud

    This track https://soundcloud.com/skin-walker/birth-sound-in-underground has 950 plays and I only uploaded it today, which means I’m sure alot of people also downloaded the new album

    It means so much that even when I go away to work on bigger things, people still appreciate my grass roots and where I started music.

    I really want to get my full length LSDJ collection out before the end of year now, so watch out for that!

    Again, THANK YOU

  10. http://www.noisechannel.org/11468

    You can download the album ‘Lo-Bit Cryptic Aneurysm’ from the above link for completely free thanks to people at NOICHAN